Stuud spray

You know the drill. When you smell good, you feel good and when you feel good, you perform at your best. With roots in group fitness, Stuud Spray was created to keep athletes feeling as fresh as their workouts.


Stuud Spray is an all-natural, antimicrobial spray designed to reduce odor left behind on your favorite athletic gear. With water, essential oils, and alcohol as the only active ingredients, this product works by targeting the source of stank and dissolving it instead of just masking the smell. Bonus: it dries quickly too! Stuud Spray is the perfect solution to simply refresh your shoes, cleats, gloves, boots, or gym bags in between uses. With Stuud Spray, you’ll #smellbetter.


Shake the can well. Hold no less than six inches from your athletic gear
and lightly press the nozzle to refresh. A little product goes a long way!

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